Violin or Fiddle


Learn the violin in the traditional classical style or in Celtic, or American Folk Style. Beginner, intermediate or avanced levels of students of any age are welcomed to try lessons. Whether you're 3 years old, an adult interested in playing as a hobby/passion, or a student with several years of experience.

30 minute lesson - $40

45 minute lesson - $60

60 minute lesson - $80

The convenience of Skype Lessons is difficult to beat for everyone involved. The ease of staying in your own home allows for greater availability and more flexible scheduling opportunities. Try a Skype lesson for free to see if it's right for your learning style!

Music Theory and Solfege

Shelby is well versed in teaching solfege, harmony, ear training and music theory to all levels. Shelby was on the faculty at the Suzuki School of Newton, where he has been trained to teach these subjects.

In order to fulfill the necessary participation in the lessons, regular and consistent practicing at home is a requirement (usually 4-7 days per week). Good practicing can be described as mindful repetition of a song, or a tricky section of a song, until the student is able to play through it consistently, without hesitation or mistakes. If your child is enrolled in lessons, it’s helpful if you encourage that mentality in your child’s practice at home. It should not be left up to a child to motivate themselves, or "remember" to practice at home. Parental oversight and guidance needs to be in place for a successful outcome in the lesson process. If a student develops the habit of not practicing at home consistently, then it is at the discretion of the teacher to discontinue lessons.

The violin teaches physical coordination, spacial orientation and organization, math, rhythm, developing a critical ear, teamwork and communication skills (when playing with others), mental and physical perseverance/sharpens concentration, it improves reading and comprehension skills, responsibility, can develop healthy habits, exposes students to cultural history, as well as cultivates the expression of emotions through music, which can relieve stress. Studies have also shown again and again that learning music, in general, has many benefits for a developing child (as well as for adults) including increasing memory capacity and other cognitive skills including those listed above.


To sign up or to receive more information, contact Shelby at
(617) 413-5030 or email to shelbytrevor@gmail.com