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Shelby John Trevor is a performing artist, teacher, composer, music director, and healer seeking unity through art, sound, community, learning, mind, body, and spirit.

Shelby Trevor enjoys a diverse career as a classical violinist, educator, composer, folk musician, and sound healer; committed to promoting a love of music and a love of life to all members of our global community.

Shelby grew up in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire and began studying the violin at the Concord Community Music School, where he studied classical violin, folk music, and chamber music since age six. In 2009, Shelby received his Undergraduate Diploma in Violin Performance and continued in the Graduate Performance Diploma program at the Longy School of Music. Shelby performed and instructed in the Boston area until 2014. Shelby moved to Fernandina Beach, FL in 2014 and continued his career as a performer and instructor of music. Shelby has trained in the Alexander Technique at the Heifetz Int'l Music Institute, The Longy School of Music, and privately with master teacher Ruth Kilroy and for several years with certified AT instructor Mariel Brewster. Shelby utilizes this technique in performance practice and it is imbued into his education of string instrument instruction and sound healing.

Founder of Amelia Island Community String Orchestra

Shelby founded the Amelia Island Community String Orchestra in 2015. The group consisted of advanced students, both young and amateur adults, as well as professional players. The AICSO performed 3-4 seasonal concerts per year. Mr. Trevor's role integrated leadership and performance skills as he directed the orchestra from the chair of the concertmaster. The mission of AICSO emphasized learning to coordinate by listening, watching and depending on fellow group members, in the true spirit of chamber music. Shelby frequently performed with AICSO as soloist. Sadly, due to the covid-19 pandemic, the orchestra has not performed since 2019 and has since disbanded (see more about Shelby's response to the pandemic below).

As a Soloist

In addition to appearances with AICSO, Mr. Trevor performed the role of Solo Violin I for J. S. Bach’s 'Double Violin Concerto' featured with the Suzuki School of Newton’s Faculty Orchestra. Shelby has presented masterclass performances for notable artists such as Joseph Silverstein, and Simon Fischer. He has appeared in the Advice to the Players Concert Series, and the Embry-Riddle University Concert Series, Story and Song Concerts, at the Heifetz International Music Institute, Quartet Program, and several others. In his youth, he was a featured soloist for the Lakes Region Symphony Orchestra when he was seventeen years old, and at age fifteen, he performed a private recital for the President of the National Endowment for the Arts hosted by the Concord Community Music School.

As an Educator

Shelby continues the rich and meaningful tradition of string pedagogy and honors the teachers who came before him, which include Laura Bossert, Terry King, Paula Majerfeld, Janet Packer, Rodger Ellsworth, Nancy Ellsworth, Judy Seaton, Kenny Butler, Charles Castleman, Eric Rosenblith, Brian Moll, Zvi Zeitlin, Allyson Dawkins, Jane Cromwell, Paul Brust, Judith Ross, Peter Aldins, and more.

Shelby has maintained a private studio of students since 2010. Dedicated to social equity, Shelby has worked to provide free education both in his role as an educator and as program developer with the following programs: the Amelia Island Chamber Music Festival’s String Education Program in conjunction with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Nassau County; Arts Alive Nassau's after school education program; and string classes for Mission Hill Pilot School. Shelby served on the faculty for Wheaton College, Suzuki School of Newton, and Norfolk School of Music. Mr. Trevor acted as substitute conductor and sectional coach for Jacksonville Symphony Youth Orchestra. One of the missions of AICSO was education for both group members and for the community.

As a Chamber Musician

Shelby was a founding member and violinist of the Subtropical String Trio, performing in Fernandina Beach and the greater Jacksonville, FL area. He attended and performed at Charles Castleman's 'Quartet Program' Summer Music Festival, LyricaFest Music Festival, and InterHarmony Music Festival. Shelby played first violin in the Scholarship String Quartet during his junior and senior years of Highschool at the Concord Community Music School. In this role with the SSQ, Shelby performed for the NH Governor’s inauguration ceremony, and as featured guest youth artists for the NH Symphony.

As an Orchestral Artist

Founder and concertmaster of AICSO. Shelby performed with the First Coast Opera company in St. Augustine, FL, as solo violin, principle 2nd, and section violin. Shelby performed frequently as concertmaster with the Island Chamber Singers (FL). Shelby performed as concertmaster, as well as led orchestral sectionals as assistant faculty for the Great Woods Chamber Orchestra of Wheaton College. He has recorded as a studio orchestra member for WGBH, public radio, Boston. Shelby has performed as section 1st and 2nd violin with the Cape Ann Symphony Orchestra, the Longy Chamber Orchestra, and many others.

As an Active Composer

Shelby's most recent project is a partita for solo violin written in March 2020. Shelby has written and performed several works for classical genres such as piano quartet, string quartet, violin and piano duo, violin solo, piano solo, and a symphonic work. He has also composed various Folk melodies and arrangements. An advocate for New Music, he has also performed several new works for composition students and faculty at Longy School of Music, Composers in Red Sneakers, the Boston New Music Initiative, and for composers of the Rossini Club Performance Series.

As a Folk Artist

Shelby was a founding member of the Granite String Band, a folk band performing mostly Celtic music. Shelby has studied fiddling and folk music with Bonnie Rideout, David Surette, Barbara McGowen, Kenny Butler, and others. In his youth, Shelby studied folk music at the New Hampshire Scottish School of the Arts. He attended masterclasses, sessions  and lessons at festivals such as the Swannanoa Gathering in Asheville, NC, Kenny's Fiddle Camp, Greensboro, VT, The New Hampshire Highland Games and Festival and others. Shelby has won prizes at fiddle competitions including the New Hampshire Highland Games Regional and National, Old Time Fiddle Contest of Stark, NH, and the Concord Old Time Fiddle Contest.


In Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic

Performance, education, arts, and community have suffered immeasurably as a result of the pandemic. As a working musician, Shelby's career did not escape this economic and social reconstruction as he sustained initial losses of revenue as an independent violin studio between 70% to 80%. This includes the discontinuation or dissolution of the following work projects: Amelia Island Chamber Music Festival's Education Program in conjunction with the Boys and Girls Club of Nassau County, Arts Alive Nassau after school violin classes, AICSO, Jacksonville Symphony Youth Orchestra substitute conducting and sectional leadership, Island Chamber Singers performances, First Coast Opera company performances, contracted performances for Music by Pegge (LLC), and about 40% of private students. Eventually, the financial burdens of the pandemic led Shelby to relocate to NH, where he is fortunate to have supportive and loving family.

With lots of time made available due to the covid-19 restrictions, Shelby pursued his interest in Sound Healing, acquiring certification from Sound Healing Academy with a specialization in tuning forks in 2021. Shelby completed a BA in psychology from Lesley University in 2021 and worked as a substance abuse counselor with Keene Metro Treatment Center for a period of eight months in 2022 to assist fellow human souls struggling with opioid addiction. Shelby has since returned to North Sandwich where he is teaching online and in-person lessons privately. Shelby is also performing for private events and can be found occasionally joining Celtic sessions in the New England area.

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