Sound Healing

Using several instruments and techniques, Shelby integrates his training as a classical and folk musician with his sound healing training with tuning forks, while also drawing from concepts acquired studying a BA in Psychology.


Sound Healing With Tuning Forks

Tune the human body, mind, and spirit with tuning forks using leading techniques in the field of sound healing.


Sound Guided Imagery Healing

Using multiple instruments and guided meditation techniques, go on a healing journey using sound and imagery.

To schedule a sound healing session, contact Shelby Trevor: 617-413-5030 or

Sessions can be scheduled for 45 minutes, one hour, or 90 minutes.

A sliding scale fee is used.

Shelby received his training in sound healing with a specialization in tuning forks from Sound Healing Academy. Shelby is also a life-long performance artist of classical and folk music as well as a passionate music instructor, receiving his UD from Longy School of Music. Shelby has also received his BA in Psychology from Lesley University