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Sound Healing Ministry

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Discover the Benefits of Sound Healing


One-on-One: Sound Healing with Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowl, Sound Healing with Tuning Forks, Life Coach, Spiritual Counseling, Substance Abuse Support

Group Classes:
Sound Healing/Chanting, Breathing,
Qi Gong, Slow Yoga, Meditation

Sound Healing session times and approaches can vary greatly depending on your needs or interests. Healing takes place according to divine law and is thus a ministered service. No fee is therefore charged but donations are accepted when freely given.

To schedule a sound healing session, please call or email Shelby Trevor:​ 

(617) 413-5030 |


Shelby Trevor provides healing as a Sound Healing Practitioner using an ancient, hand-forged Tibetan Singing Bowl, and various Tuning Forks. Shelby has a certificate from Sound Healing Academy, a BA in psychology, an UD in violin performance, experience as a Substance Abuse Counselor, 1-on-1 Music Teacher, Coach, Tutor, and utilizes techniques learned through studying and practicing spiritual teachings from various cultures, ancient traditions, and modern evidence-based techniques, including the Alexander Technique, Qi-gong, Yoga, breathing techniques, and more. Shelby is interested in discovering what can be revealed when living in devotion to a higher power and seeks wisdom through the independent study of ancient and contemporary spiritual practices and religious teachings. Shelby also explores the meanings and symbols revealed in dreams, having undertaken Jungian Dream Analysis sessions with IAAP analyst Jayson Wong.

To schedule a sound healing session, please call or email Shelby Trevor:​ 

(617) 413-5030 |


Support Shelby as an Artist, support the Educational Scholarships of need-based and merit-based

students, or support the Sound Healing Ministry by donating. Donations greatly appreciated:

Venmo: @Shelby-Trevor


Bitcoin: bc1qtqlgghpx3sw8a2rzzx8nvpks8qh40w7cr38z9q?

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