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Skype Lessons

- Try a Lesson for free to see if it's right for you.


- Free Skype consultation for new users before starting your first lesson.


- Same quality of teaching delivered through the convenience of modern technology.

About Skype Lessons

Skype lessons are on the rise in our modern world. Ultimately, this allows for convenience and quality without having to pay the additional costs of traveling fees or the admistration costs of a music school. Individual students react differently to Skype lessons depending on their learning style and the chemistry between teacher and learner. Mr. Trevor's credentials and highly effective teaching style can be utilized by students anywhere on the globe with Skype lessons. Try a Skype lesson to see if it's right for you and enjoy the time that you will save in your schedule by not having to leave your home!


To sign up or to receive more information contact Shelby Trevor at 617-413-5030 or email to

for Information about rates and durations of classes see the Tuition page

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